What is self balancing unicycle?


If you’re looking for some nice products that will help you spend your summer time pleasantly you should definitely check out the newest novelty from Chinese manufacturer Airwheel. They have plenty of different products that are based on a brilliant idea of self balancing vehicles. You can just use it by balancing your body in different directions to move forward and accelerate. It is no different than riding a segway or some other kind of vehicle.

Probably the most interesting of them all is a self balancing unicycle. You have just one wheel so it’s more entertaining than most of the different models. The riding the unicycle is very similar to riding a bike but here you have only one wheel and not two. And you don’t have a steering wheel or anything else that you could control it with. If you’re interested in buying them for yourself you can purchase one for around 500$. Or even more if you consider buying a model like Gotway Msuper HS.

There are plenty of websites that you can check if they have an electric unicycle. Ebay is probably the best of them all. You can find there many different models from the sellers from all around the world. If you’re lucky you will probably find a nice bargain and be able to buy a unicycles for all your family.

What is self balancing unicycle?